Dale Youngman Art Curator

DALE YOUNGMAN  – Art Entrepreneur

I am an Independent Art Curator,  Fine Art Dealer, Writer and Consultant,  handling many projects with the main objective of getting artwork seen and sold. I provide fine art for Home Staging and Commercial Art Leasing, and also handle marketing and PR services for a select group of fine artists. I am basically an all-around Instigator when it comes to moving art around LA! If you are an art enthusiast looking to buy your first piece of art, I can help you. Experienced collector? I may introduce you to the next Salvadore Dali! If you are an interior designer or home decorator who needs fine art staging for a listed property,  a new restaurant, a commercial business lobby, or a hundred pieces for a hotel or a hospital, I can help you too. I also consult with galleries on grand opening strategies, produce special events,  and handle marketing and press. I can curate your exhibits, write and submit your press releases, help you build your clientele through community outreach, set up your Facebook  or Instagram pages, moderate panels, and even help you sell!

With close to 400 artists in my data base,  I can find fine art in almost any style, from small to large wall art, indoor or outdoor sculpture, to contemporary photography, at almost any price level. From emerging artists creating edgy urban street art, established masters creating large scale fine oil paintings, to museum quality sculptors who work in bronze or steel, I have access to local, regional and international artists. I am available to take you shopping direct to artist studios, where you will have personal access to the artist,  and see behind-the-scenes up close the emerging and established artists who are the rapid-pulse of the increasingly important and recently exploding Los Angeles art scene.


Dale Youngman Projects refers to the independent curatorial projects in which I am involved as a curator or event producer. Since closing my permanent gallery in DT LA, I now create “pop-up” galleries in various locations, and am often hired to produce art exhibits or charity events for special occasions.

Whether it’s a city -wide art festival ( “Art Makes Change” for Vision LA Fest; World Art Day) a trade show event, ( ITVFest / POPCON show at LA Convention Center)  a fund-raising exhibit, ( “Spirit of Healing Celebration” for Christian Health Centers; Portraits of the Fallen Memorial Fundraisers; multiple exhibits for Art Share LA; “Art by the Sea” for Free Arts for Abused Children)  a temporary pop-up exhibit, (Dale Youngman Projects at San Pedro First Thursdays; “Art.Life” at the LA Mart; Downtown LA Art Walk Lounge),  a weekend festival gallery, (Stagecoach Country Music Festival) or a street event, ( LA League of Arts Music and Art Festival, AKA Burning Man Decompression;  Festival de la Gente ) I research, curate, design, install and market art exhibits and installations of many kinds.

If you are interested in hiring me to produce an art event,  consult and provide art for a commercial project, or create a temporary gallery or exhibit, please contact me at daleyoungman@me.com and check out the  rest of my site for examples of my work .

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