Dale Youngman Art Curator

DALE YOUNGMAN  – Art Entrepreneur

I am an Independent Art Curator,  Fine Art Dealer, Writer, and Marketing Consultant,  handling many projects with the main objective of getting artwork seen and sold.  I work with both ends of the supply chain, the artists and the clients, to make sure everyone is happy. I am basically an all-around Instigator when it comes to moving art around LA!

Briefly, my services include:

Marketing and Public Relations – For galleries, arts organizations, non-profits

Art Curation and Events – Pop-up art shows and special event temporary exhibits for charity fundraisers, hospitality industries, commercial properties, music or street festivals, etc

Artist Services – For emerging to established artists in all mediums – I create and implement marketing strategies, write creative SEO content, create blogs/ newsletters/ press releases/ bios/ editorials;  handle press and client outreach, gallery submissions; assist with trade shows, curate exhibits,  etc. For more details, please see my services page

Art Staging and Art Sourcing –For Interior Designers, Home Decorators, Real Estate “Set Dressing” and Cleared Art for Film and TV

Art Consulting for Private Clients – Let me help you build your art collection by taking you shopping behind the scenes into artist studios!

With close to 400 artists in my database,  I can find fine art in almost any style, from small to large wall art, indoor or outdoor sculpture, to contemporary photography, at almost any price level. From emerging artists creating edgy urban street art, established masters creating large-scale fine oil paintings, to museum quality steel or bronze sculpture,  I have access to local, regional and international artists. I am available to take you shopping direct to artist studios, where you will have personal access to the artist, and see behind-the-scenes and up close the working artists who are the rapid-pulse of the increasingly important and exploding Los Angeles art scene.


If you are interested in hiring me to produce an art event, find a muralist, consult and provide art for a commercial project,  create a temporary gallery or exhibit, or as a marketing /PR consultant, please contact me and check out the rest of my site for examples of my work. For all inquiries, please contact me at DaleYoungman(at)me.com

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