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Dale Youngman is an art entrepreneur involved in many aspects of the art world – from curating to staging homes and commercial properties, to handling private art sales and marketing for artists – all to facilitate the flow of art in Los Angeles. Her fascination with the local art scene (and friendships with many downtown artists) prompted her to open a gallery in 2006 in the center of Downtown LA’s Gallery Row while it was still a controversial area. As the galleries began multiplying and the crowds grew, so did her love and knowledge of the exploding Los Angeles art scene. After selling art for over a decade, and curating more than 80 exhibits, she is pretty much an expert in local artists, and currently consults for multiple galleries and non-profit organizations.

Dale is at her happiest when surrounded by art and artistsShe attends multiple gallery openings every weekend, always looking for the next rising star, or for a hot new gallery to write about. Her art coverage previously included a regular column for DowntownLALife.com called “Daley’s Weekly,” where she covered art events featured in the burgeoning downtown art neighborhoods. She continues writing artist profiles for the regional Fabrik Magazine, Cartwheel Art, and the international Art Voices publication.

As an independent curator,  Dale produces various curatorial projects, charity exhibits, and special pop-up art events, including major exhibits at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, the LA Convention Center, Stagecoach Country Music and Art Festival,  the LA Mart, and multiple galleries around LA.  Her charity exhibits have benefitted Art Share LA, Portraits of the Fallen Memorial, Christian Health Centers, and Free Arts for Abused Children.


“I work hard for my clients. As a former gallery owner, and currently an independent curator, writer, and consultant, I have over a decade of experience in art-related businesses. I have twice been honored by the City of Los Angeles with Certificates of Recognition for my art advocacy.  I’d love to use my experience to reverse the paradigm of the starving artist in LA!”


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  1. i’ve heard about you and your love of art and artists. I’m 91 years od and have been painting for a life time. recently I closed my studio and stored some paintings.I would appreciate very much to show you
    some of my work, I’ve exhibited in N.Y. FLA, DELAWARE L.A. and TAIPEI. Several years ago I Had e retrospective at Chapman University in Orange County. May I hear from you? My phone is 319 815 9795
    and mt e mail is murllea@sbcglobal.net.

    Murray Lebowitz

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