“A Summer Fantasy”

( As seen in FABRIK MAGAZINE on-line)


August, 2013  The Terrell Moore Gallery and Dale Youngman Projects are pleased to present A Summer Fantasy, the first major exhibition by LA artist Scott Forrest, accompanied by new works from renowned metal sculptor Leon Leigh.

Following several successful group shows, Scott Forrest has completed some exciting new large-scale work, which is best described as “exuberant” in color, depth, and emotion. It is joyful and luscious, in bold cheery colors, often touched with metallics, in carefully built-up layers with a textural depth inherent in each piece. Sweeping brush strokes and a deftly-worked palette knife are utilized to create a sense of movement, a purpose, or perhaps, a tranquil meditation of monochromatic color. It’s the kind of work that simply makes you smile.

Influenced by his extensive travel as a talk-show host and correspondent, Scott’s work exudes a sense of tropical splendor. Exploring exotic and remote locations, he has experienced many diverse cultures, which is evident in his color combinations, sensual textures, and materials.

British sculptor Leon Leigh’s contemporary steel sculptures are waif-like whimsical creatures, elongated forms that are at once delicate and substantial. Creating each piece individually, no two are exactly alike, as he forges each piece by hand, utilizing only a naked flame and no foundry. The figures are composed of solid steel rods of different diameters, creating the bare skeletal forms. Molten steel balls are then liquefied, fused and molded to each piece, as Leon completes his creations with wayward hair, oversize hats, and perfect shoes. From the fire of his imagination, the figures appear to dance, swirl, flirt and beckon, with energy, personality, and a surreal existence.

This Summer Fantasy will be presented at special events and by appointment throughout the month of August in Terrell Moore’s new location at 1601 South Hope Street, Downtown LA, with free parking available in the adjacent lot.

Join us on SUNDAY AUGUST 18TH, 4 – 6PM for a panel discussion on Abstract Art, “The Narrative Behind the Image. ” Moderated by Curator Dale Youngman, with four contemporary abstract artists,  including Scott Forrest, Terrell Moore, Clara Berta, and Suzan Woodruff.PRimagesConversation will center on the narrative and meaning behind contemporary abstract art, as painters discuss storytelling through art, and how an artist conveys messages and the meaning of their work using abstraction in the absence of imagery.

Call Dale Youngman at 213-458-3735 or daleyoungman@me.com for more information or to make an appointment. Press inquiries welcome.

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